Famous Australian Sportsmen and Sportswomen in the History of Games

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Famous Australian Sportsmen and Sportswomen in the History of Games

Below is a list of athletes from Australia reflecting their legendary love, affection and dedication towards sports:-

1. Sir Donald George Bradman (the career year 1928-1948):- Also known as God of cricket. He had an amazing performance in test matches. His skills of batting techniques were above all players. The various records are set by him for the highest score, batting average number of centuries made.

2. Herbert James Elliott (the career year 1958-67) – A star middle-distance runner. He holds a world record of 3 minutes and 54.5 seconds and 3 minutes 36 seconds for miles and 1500 metre race. The greatness lies in the fact that he hardly lost in any racing competition.

3. Rodney George (the career year 1964-70)- Rodney George is the single tennis player to win two Grand Slams singles titles. More profoundly known for highest singles matches won. His capability was at the top even when he started playing as an amateur.

4. Margaret Court (the career year 1959-77) – A number 1 tennis women if compared to others. Throughout her career kept winning maximum slam titles, singles, doubles and mixed doubles. So her victorious attitude in the past made her a great example to follow.

5. Heather Pamela McKay (the career year 1962-81) – A talented Squash player who won 16 times successively British Open Championship competition. Her honourable position reached the peak by playing also for Australian hockey tournaments like American and Canadian Racquetball series. A player was full of sports virtues as just losing only two events in her entire career.

6. Dawn Fraser(the career year 1956-65) - Uniquely identified for winning 3 times 100 metres freestyle swimming at Olympic event consecutively for the year 1956, 1960 and 1964. People accepted her as the best swimmer and she met the expectations fully of her fans.

7. Kenneth Robert Rosewall (career 1950-1982)– Ranked as a special tennis player as won many times in Australian Singles, French Open and US Open. He was the renowned champion both as an amateur as well as professional.

8. Elizabeth Cuthber( the career year 1956-1964)- Known as “Golden girl”. Elizabeth had gifted fastest running ability. Her achievements include securing gold medals four times in mega Olympic events. She had taken part in 60 metres, 200 metres, 100 yards, 220 yards and 440 yards multiple tracks.

9. Peter William Thomson (the career year early 1950s-1988)- No other golfer can stand at an equal position to Peter William Thomson. He had a remarkable record of winning five times Open championship and several numbers of British Opens events. His glorious years include 1954, 1955, 1956,1958 and 1965. The prestigious awards like Sport Australia Hall of Fame and World Golf Hall of Fame was given to him.

10. Mark Gordon Ella (the career year 1979-1984)– There is no matching name to famous Mark Gordon Ella in the game of Rugby. Even he played professionally for short tenure but reached an alarming success. The focus, plan out, innovation and intuitiveness were highly instilled in the mind of Mark Gordon Ella for becoming a renowned Rugby sports person. His body actions always highlighted the excitement to catch and throw the ball.



17 October 2019

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