Netball World cup 2019 - everything you should know about

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Netball World cup 2019 - everything you should know about!



Netball is a team sport which was derived and developed from an early version of basketball in Britain. This sport is contested between two teams having seven members each. It is mainly popular in the commonwealth nations and is dominated by women. The sport is played for 60 minutes long on a rectangular shaped court with the raised goal ring at both ends. Players are assigned a position which defines their role and restricts them to enter in several areas of the court. This sport is contested in more than eighty nations and around 20 million people.


The standardized playing rules of the game were established in 1960 by the delegates from Britain, Australia, New Zealand, West Indies, and South Africa. All this led to the formation of the International Federation of Netball Association, now popularly known as INF, where the decision to hold world championship tournament in every four years was taken, starting from 1963. Additionally, there is also various other major international competition such as the Quadrennial world netball championship, the commonwealth games, quad series, and fast5 series. Since the start of these tournaments, the competition is being dominated by New Zealand and Australian teams. Further, many netball teams have a nickname by which they are known such as Australia as the diamonds, England as the roses, New Zealand as the silver ferns, Malawi as the queens, and South Africa as the proteas, among others.

This year the netball World Cup tournament will start from 12th July and the last game will be played on 21st July 2019 in Liverpool, England. This year's tournament has total 16 team as participants. The qualification was based on the INF world ranking and the regional qualification tournaments, in which two teams were selected from each region. The top six teams were qualified from the world ranking system and rest with a regional qualification tournament system. All the games will be broadcasted on Nine network in Australia, BBC & sky sports in the UK, Sky sports in New Zealand, and Super sports in South Africa.


The format of the world cup is grounded on the basis of round-robin groups. There are four groups - A, B, C, and D. The top 3 teams from A and B group will be moved to group F while the top three 3 from C and D group will be moved to group G, after they clear preliminaries stage one. Also, the 4th team of each group will go to group E and fight for the ranking of 13 to 16. Later, in the team finishing-up as the first and runner up in the F and G group after clearing preliminary stage two will play semi-finals, with the first team in each group will play against the second team of the other group. After playing this play-off the winners will compete for the gold medal in the finals. Furthermore, the team who stood 3rd and 4th in the group F and G will compete for the ranking from 5th to 8th in placement matches. For more information, you can visit our website and start your own discussion forum and talk about the World Cup with the other fans, coaches, players, and sports specialists.





10 August 2019

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