Top 4 Australian Water Sports

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Top 4 Australian Water Sports

Australia has always been known for its natural beauty, wide & open grounds, and beaches. Specifically, the deep blue sea & open beaches are a perfect place to relax as well as for adventurous and thrilling water sports. Water sports are the major attraction for both the local people and international tourists in Australia. Everyone should at least experience these water sports once in lifetime.

1. Aqua jet-pack flying:

It is a type of hydro-flight Aqua sports done with the help of a hydro flight device. The device is fastened to the participants back with a strap. It uses jet propulsion for creating flight where movements and lifts are controlled by the player who is riding a device.  This sport is gaining popularity at a higher pace as even the beginners can experience sports just after the basic instructions and training. This device can blast off and launch you up to 45 feet in the air. This adventure is offered at Sydney, Newcastle, and Perth, among others.

2. Stand-up paddling:

This sport is based on the principle of balancing. It is a combination of kayaking and surfing as the participant would be standing on the board but steer it by paddling. This sport has become a huge craze, especially for the locals as it is equal to a full body workout. Additionally, sports only need short term training to master it. The best places for paddle boarding are Queensland and Rottnest Island. These paddle boards are also available on rental basis. Our website,, can help you locate and connect with an owner or a seller of sports equipment near your location.

3. Jet skiing:

It is technically termed as personal watercraft riding. The personal watercraft is a water scooter, and as the name suggested it is exactly like riding a motorbike on the water although little more dangerous. Although renting a bike is a little expensive but the experience and Adrenaline rush is like no other. The safety instruction and training is vital in these sports.

Jet skiing is of two types "sit-down" and "stand-up" watercraft, which can hold up to 2 or more people. The most famous place to Jet Ski in Australia is the Sunshine cost and Mooloolaba.

4. Kite surfing: 

If you think you are adventurous, get a hike with an adrenaline rush, and have a strong nerve than kite surfing is the best water sport for you. These sports also need a lot of upper body strength as it is an extreme sport. Moreover, this sport is convents and inexpensive. It harvests the wind energy with the help of controllable power kite, which is attached to a small surfboard. The sports need the training to understand the directions and movement of the kite. The perfect place for kite surfing is the Gold Coast in Queensland.

There are various other sports you can enjoy and experience in Australia such as Surfing, snorkeling, helmet diving, scuba-diving, and kayaking, among others. These aquatic sports are the great adventure to enjoy the summers in Australia and appreciate the unique landscapes of Oceania.




08 August 2019

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