How technology is changing the face of sports

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How technology is changing the face of sports


Technology is changing all parts of our daily life, and the field of sports is not remained untouched. Over the last decade, technology has changed many attributes of sport from the routine of a player to how the close umpiring decisions are taken in the field. Additionally, the latest developments in this sector have made the training process easier with the introduction of smart pieces of equipment and clothing. Various performance measurement instruments are being used to perfect and improve an athlete's performance. These instruments calculate all the aspects like playing time, speed, heart rate, and more, which provide accurate and refined data to the trainers. This data can also assist the coaches in the selection process of the team. Ozsportsmate, is the best portal to find and connect with a buyer or a seller of quality sports equipment at thrift/best prices.


Some of the smart sports equipment's used in sports are:


1. Zepp 2 sensor swing analyzer: This equipment is used in golf to measure the club speed, tempo, club plane and more. It comes with the smart coach training systems, which evaluates your areas of improvement and offer training programs.

2. Precision swing motion sensor: This sensor is used in baseball training. The sensor is attached to the knob of the baseball bat and evaluates swing speed, timing, direction, and power. It can record data for up to 8 hours.

3. Connected basketball: it is a product of TheWilson X. An advanced tracking system is placed in the basketball which tracks the shots the trainee has took. The system is connected with a Smartphone application which stores the statistics regarding the trainee's performance.

4. Speedform Gemini 2: It is a product of Under Armour. The shoes are an illustration of best-embedded computing. The shoes can analyze and track the speed, distance, average stride length, and pace.

5. Assault air-bike: It is aimed to create air resistance which accelerates training capabilities for the athletes. It scales automatically according to how hard the trainee wants to work.

6. Beat 20: it is a wearable heart rate tracker. It tracks the cardiovascular performance of the athletes and transfers the data to the Smartphone. It brings ECG technology to use to monitor heart rate.


These technologies are proven to be quite beneficial for coaches, professional players, and trainee students. Many sports organizations have adopted the latest equipment into their training programs and routine training schedules. Furthermore, these technologies are also used to enhance the fan's experience and also the safety of the players. Moreover, they are also being used to improve sports umpiring techniques. For instance, the review system in cricket (UDRS) helps the officials in decision making. The technologies such as a microphone, infra-red image, and tracking of the ball are used in this system.


In conclusion, technology has brought many positive changes to the sports sector. The latest technology's major benefits are that it improves the umpiring techniques in the field. Secondly, it helps the trainers to pinpoint their weakness & strengths and give suggestions for the improvement.

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03 August 2019

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