Popular games to play in Australia during the winter season

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Popular games to play in Australia during the winter season:

Winter season in Australia is generally not that cold when compared to other country's winter temperatures. The climate differs considerably between tropical north and temperate south in the country. Thus, winter sports in Australia are categorized into two parts which are turf sports and ice/snow sports. This mild climate of Australia is suitable for many turf sports such as soccer and rugby whereas the climate on Tasmanian wilderness and the Australian Alps are best for the ice/snow sports.

Some of the winter sports in Australia are:

1. Rugby union:

Rugby union was founded in Britain in the 19th century. It is a sort of contact sport which is played among two teams having 15 players each. The game is played with an oval-shaped ball with an H-shaped goalpost on a rectangular filed. The highest governing body for this game is World Rugby. The major international tournaments of this game are Rugby World cup, Regional Tournaments and Women's International Rugby. The game is mainly popular in New South Wales, Queensland, and Australian Capital Territory. </p>

2. Australian Rules Football:

It is popularly known as "AFL" and "Football, Aussie Rules". It is a team-sports played among two teams of 18 members each. The sport is contested on an oval field which is usually an altered cricket ground. This game is a fusion of soccer and rugby as it is played with an oval-shaped ball and the players are can use any of their body parts to pass the ball although there are few rules regarding how they handle it. This game has the highest viewership and attendance when compared to various other sports in Australia. The highest governing body for this game is AFL commission. </p>

 3. Skiing:

 It is a snow sport where the player uses skies to move on the snow. There are three kinds of skiing alpine, Nordic and Telemark. The Alpine skiing is also known as downhill skiing and it has fixed-heel bindings on the skier's boot whereas in Nordic and Telemark ski the heels do not get attached to the boots. The various international tournaments of the sports are FIS cross country World Cup,  Winter Olympics, FIS Nordic World Ski Championship, and more. The highest governing body of these sports in Australia is "Ski and Snowboarding Australia".

4. Ice hockey :

It is a squad sport which is played on the ice in a rectangular rink. The players use skates to move around the rink. It is quite similar to the normal hockey game except the ball is replaced by the vulcanized rubber puck and in order to score the players use their sticks to throw the puck in the opponent's net. Each team consists of a goaltender and 5 players who will move around the rink to get the puck and secure goals. The nationwide governing body of these sports is Ice Hockey Australia. There are various ice hockey leagues taking place in the country like Australian Ice Hockey League, Women's Ice Hockey League, and Jim Brown Memorial Tournament. </p>


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01 August 2019

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