multi-disciplinary health provider specialising in sports and musculoskeletal injuries

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With over 30 years of excellence in Sports Medicine, were committed to providing healthcare services of the highest calibre. We take care of both sporting and non-sporting medical and rehabilitation elements, assist with injury recovery and prevention, and help you to remain fit, healthy, active and enjoying life! We also have an impressive rehabilitation facility – Alphington Exercise + Rehabilitation Centre – that has an integrated Exercise Area with a variety of gym, pilates & other equipment. Alphington Sports Medicine Clinic offers services in: • Sport & Exercise Medicine • Physiotherapy • Paediatric Sports Medicine • Orthopaedic Surgery • Exercise Rehabilitation • Group Exercise Classes with Clinical Pilates and Gym • Exercise Physiology • Podiatry • Massage • Dietetics • Occupational (Hand) Therapy, and • Concussion follow-up 339 Heidelberg Rd, Northcote, VIC. Phone 94815744 T: @AlphSportsMed FB: @AlphingtonSportsMed

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